Sounds From My Earlier Years

One of the songs that stayed stuck from The Six Days War

Sharm El Sheich.

Any time our extended family had a chance to get together, Bar-Mitsva, Wedding, Holidays etc., The festivities were led by a few family members who had the nak for singing and telling stories. Now, my family came from Iraq in the mid 1930's, but they brought with them a lot of folklore. Aunt Berta was "the" leader on those ocassions, but aunt Fahima, Grandma Lulu and others were never behind. Aunt Berta lived in Ness-Tsiona, and we used to spend a few weeks every summer holiday there. Back in the 1950's I remember ankle deep sand streets, A back yard that was full of fruit trees we used to climb and pick, like Dates, Guava, Eskedunia, Peaches, Plums, Mango, Apple and others. I remember waking up in the morning and riding on my Uncle Yitshak's mule wagon to the cow pasture, and helping him milk the cows (more like drinking the profits). And the evenings were always full of eating and singing.

Here are some of the songs I remember them singing, performed by the original artist:

Songs by Nathem El Razali

Tal-aa Min Beit Abooha
Hayak, Baba Hayak
Chaief Aleha
Yom Elayun Alsood
Fog El Nachel