1957 Reo "Deuce 'n' a half" w/winch,
LDT465-1D Hercules Multi-Fuel engine.
Ring mounted M2HB .50 Caliber MG

The Deuce is now for sale, $15K - (919-852-2121)

(This is the first truck I got, the rest of the vehicles below are the result of this fever)
Six wheel drive (4X4 rescuer) - Painted Marine Corp Green Vietnam era markings. The truck was built with a gas engine and was converted to Multifuel during one of the rebuilds. Last upgrade was in 1989.
(in military terms: 2.5 ton Truck - M35A2 w/w)

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Calendar of work on the truck

Movie from the 2001 Cary Band Day Parade (1.3meg mpeg)

1984 M1009 CUCV (Sold 10/19)

(Military Version of the K5 Blazer)

83,000 miles, 6.2 Diesel engine with 3 speed automatic transmission, 3/4 ton, RT-524/VRC Radio + R-442/VRC receiver

1959 Ferret - 06CC12 - - (Sold 11/09)

The Ferret is British armoured 4X4 vehicle designed for road and cross-country use. The primary role of the Ferret was reconnaissance. 4,409 Ferrets were manufactured by Daimler LTD, UK, between 1952 to 1971, and approximately 1000 remain in full time service today. The power plant is a Rolls Royce B60 series in-line 6 cylinder gasoline engine.
When I bought 06CC12 it had 6200 miles on it, and mechanically it was very sound. Since then I had to replace the generator in it.

1953 Jeep, M38A1

Korean era Willys Jeep

1986 MEP004 Diesel Generator

1934, Hotchkiss SA-34 Anti Tank Gun - (sold 02/09)

Semi Automatic 25mm Canon

The NC Military Vehicles Preservation Assoc.