My Parents !! May They Both Rest in Peace, Thank you !!! (1947).

Uri and Itso. We were like the three whatchemacall'em (1962).

Uri and Itso. This was Stanley's bike, the first we rode(1962).

Tiron First day in the Army. (1966)

Three Generations My Grandma, my Dad, me (left) bro Uzi and cus Orly. (1971)

Morris and Carol . Carol was a volunteer at the Jerusalem YMCA. (hay hay, hi hi) 1970.

Mikve Israel, a visit to high school, with best friend Dubi (front). 1969.

Sharon and Eleanor, part of a "NIFTY" group. That was late in the 60's I think, and we are still in touch.

Eleanore studying at my parents apt. (Late 60's)

The Kupers (1972) came from Canada to settle in Israel, but it didn't work out. They are probably "the" reason why I came to the US. I learned a lot from Jack and his family. We are still in touch.

Jerry! (right) A very good friend from Canada. 1972

The YMCA tower in Jerusalem. I literaly grew up at the 'Y'. Who had the most influence on me there? Shafik Saikaly (Youth Dept. Dir.) Zeev Levental (Physical Dept. Dir.) Pendelis (vice to Shafik) and of course there were countless others. The 'Y' is where I learned to speak English, and many other subjects (I don't kiss and tell).

Returning from a trip during summer camp at the 'Y' (Kaytana). I don't remember where we went, but notice the S&W 45, it must have been an over nite trip. (1972)

With my Kaytana (summer camp) group. (1972)

Marlen !! At the 'Y' Marlen was my sister, my friend, and on many occasions a shoulder to cry on. We are still in touch, and when I visited Jerusalem for the first time after 20 years, we got together and it was like we never said goodbye. Marlen and Morris (above) were an item. Thanks Marlen !! (1972)

Me in our apartment in the old city of Jerusalem. (1973)

Sky Line of the Old City of Jerusalem, from our roof top. 1972

Snowy Old City sky line from our roof top. 1972

Picnic on our roof top in the Old City, Makram (left), me and (hemm??). 1973

Bob was a volunteer at the 'Y' in Nazereth (Extra carriculum activity). 1972

Silvie was my Swiss shadow for a few months. 1972

George scored last nite (or so it seems). 1971 - 1973

Makram is dancing with .... (who knows). 1972

Jaquie (right) A Canadian beauty who stayed with us a few weeks too, "Thanks for the Kinamon girl". (We are still in touch) 1971

Nayef wrestling a French visitor (unsuccesfully). 1972

The Party the nite I left to the States, Makram (center), Uzi (left), ???) 1973

Party My army commander (left), more like my army dad. 1973

Party Sohail (Mhashesh in the back) and George (singing). 1973

Party A visitor playing the 'ood. 1973

Party E'ven (back), and Gordi Fellman (front). 1973

George Ibrahim of "Sami W'susu". (Early morning and most are asleep) 1973