In Memory Of Great Men !!!

And their dream of peace

"We should not let the land flowing with milk and honey, become the land flowing with blood and tears"

...Yitzhak Rabin

Yours truly (left of flag) in an honor guard for (the now late) General Rabin (1967)

An Eyewitness Account
Editorial (unknown)
Rabin's Last Speach, Moments Before He got Shot.
Nov. 4th 95, Peace Rally

The Voice Of Peace

In 1972 (I think it was) A man called Abie Nathan bought a ship, equipped it with transmitters and lowered anchor right outside the Israeli teritorial waters. He then started broadcasting talks of peace, along with some of the best music in the region. His dream was to see Arabs and Jews live together. Why outside the teritorial waters? Well, Aibe already attempted to bring peace, by flying his own plane to Egypt a few years back to try and talk to the Egyptian leaders, but when he returned unsuccessful, he was arrested for "attempting to talk with the enemy". The Peace Ship was not different, as it was an attempt to"talk with the enemy" and staying outside of the Israeli teritorial waters, actually it was in international water, he was safe from being arrested. We used to listen to The Voice Of Peace day and nite. Aibe's monologes gave us hope that peace will come. I don't think anybody could have convinced Aibe that Rabin, who just led Israel in war a few years back, will be the person to bring peace to the area. And who knows, maybe Aibe's action for peace made it a little easier for Rabin to accomplish that.

I recieved the following not too long ago:

"(DEC. 1993) The Peace Ship, home of offshore radio station The Voice of Peace has been sunk in the Mediterranean by its owner, Abie Nathan. The station closed down following the signing of the Israeli / Palestinian peace accord. Having failed to find backers to turn it into a museum, Abie Nathan decided to deliberately sink the ship."

Needless to say, I am sadened by the news that Abie had to sink the ship, but then, it looks as though he finally succeeded in his mission. Abie, thanks for the memories, and thanks !!

A short story about Abie (text)

Anwar el'Sa'dat

Sadat is another example of a great man who could look to the future and do what is right for the masses. Anwar Sadat, as President of Egypt, took it upon himself to travel to Israel, against all odds, and talk about peace. He accepted an invitation that may have been said by someone who didn't believe it could happen, and acted on it. I still remember the nite when his plane landed in Tel-Aviv. I was glued to the tube, not believing what is going to happen. When Golda and Sadat shook hands, I couldn't hold it any more, and tears ran down my cheeks. Cathy, my wife, asked what was happening, and I wished she could feel as happy as I was for the occassion (hey, you can't win them all).

The world lost a great man the day he was gunned down, but like all the rest, he earned his place among the greatest "Peace Makers".

...some Hebrew songs about Peace

Yehoram Ga'on, Yesh Li Chalom, I Have a Dream.
Aris San, Na'amin, Let's Believe.

This next one always reminds me of my aunt Adina Nissan. Doda, this is for you...

Yaffa Yarkoni, Hen Efshar, It is Possible.

After being wounded on the Lebanese border in 1971, the following song became so meaningfull, it became a sort of Words to live by. The message is "Only the one who was close to die, wakes up to love life this way".

Danny Granott, Le'ehov Et Hachayeem, To Love Life.

...In the Pursuit of Mideast Peace:

Official Mideast Peace documents


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